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Ban L

Photo: Ivar Hyllseth Matsen

Upcoming show:

19th Aug 11
Under Brua Festivalen
(Hamar, Norway)

31st Juli 11
(Oslo, Norway)

30th June 11 Gloria Flames
(Oslo, Norway)

16th May 11 Kasbah (Coventry, UK)
14th May 11 Plan B
(London, UK)
13th May 11 The Victoria (Birmingham, UK)
16th April 11 Revolver (Oslo, Norway)
2nd April 11
(Halden, Norway)

3rd Dec 10
Gloria Flames (Oslo, Norway) Releaseparty!
14th Oct 10 Cafè Mono (Oslo, Norway) Høstlarm
16th May 10 Rock On (Fredrikstad, Norway)
13th May 10 Last Train (Oslo, Norway)
19th Feb 10 Tilt
(Oslo, Norway) APM and The Goo Men!
10th Feb 10 Blest (Trondheim, Norway)
30th Jan 10 The Flapper (Birmingham, UK) Vinny & The Curse, APM and Strangetime.
29th Jan 10 Kasbah (Coventry, UK)
28th Jan 10 Qadiz Bar & Scene (Oslo, Norway) Dead Babies, Tommy Luger, APM and Pearlycats!

10th Nov 09 Cafe Maanefisken (Oslo, Norway)
6th Nov 09 Union scene
(Drammen, Norway)
10th Oct 09 Cafè Mono (Oslo, Norway)
6th Sep 09 Garage (Oslo, Norway)
27th June 09 Volume Festivalen (Elverum, Norway)
13th June 09 Spill & Grill (Halden, Norway)
9th June 09 Gloria Flames (Oslo, Norway) Releaseparty for "Lost World" and video!
6th June 09 Borgen (Oslo, Norway)
6th June 09 Musikkfest Oslo (Oslo, Norway)
11th April 09 Parkteatret (Oslo, Norway)
21st Feb 09 Big Dipper Records (Oslo, Norway)
18th Feb 09 Funhouse (Oslo, Norway)

31st Dec 08
Revolver (Oslo, Norway)
27th Nov 08 Revolver (Oslo, Norway)
8th Nov 08 The Sunflower Lounge (Birmingham, UK)
18th oct 08
(Oslo, Norway)

6th Sep 08 Storgt. 9 (Oslo, Norway)
21st Aug 08 Krocketfestivalen (Halden, Norway)
3rd July 08 The Eagle Tavern (London, UK)
1st July 08 Rhythm Factory (London, UK)
30th June 08 The Rainbow (Birmingham, UK)
26th June 08
(York, UK)
27th June 08 Rockers and Rollers (Bradford, UK)
26th June 08 Hark To Towler (Bury, UK)
22nd June 08 The Northern Monkey (Leeds, UK)
7th June 08 Musikkfest Oslo (Oslo, Norway)
2nd May 08 Dean Bar (Fredikstad, Norway)
30th April 08 Mir (Oslo, Norway)
12th April 08 Tornado (Halden, Norway)
29th March 08 Rockehuset (Halden, Norway)
22nd March 08 Rock'n'Roll (Tartu, Estonia) APM and Göttemia tour!
21st March 08 Fonokubs (Cesis, Latvia) APM and Göttemia tour!
20th March 08 Fontaine Palace (Liepaja, Latvia) APM and Göttemia tour!
19th March 08 Depo (Riga, Latvia) APM and Göttemia tour!
13th March 08 Lepakkomies (Helsinki, Finland) APM and Göttemia tour!
11th March 08 Last Train (Oslo, Norway) Releaseparty for No Happy Endings
8th March Prosjektskolen (Oslo, Norway)

11th Dec 07 Storaas Utested (Trondheim, Norway)
6th Nov 07 Elm Street (Oslo, Norway)
20th Oct 07 Funky Town (Halden, Norway)
13th Oct 07 Fabrikken (Oslo, Norway)
6th Oct 07 John Dee (Oslo, Norway) Support for Lukas Kasha
26th Sep 07 Kaos (Oslo, Norway) APM and Macho Savant
10th Aug 07 Se meg nå! (Odalen, Norway)
Art, music and design fest
1st Sep 07 Elvarheim (Elverum, Norway) Back to school
3rd Aug 07 Ranglerock (Bryne, Norway)

27th July 07 Corner Pub (Elverum, Norway) Ugle Rock Festivalen
17th July 07 Gloria Flames (Oslo, Norway)
30th June 07 Mono (Oslo, Norway)

2nd June 07 Musikkfest Oslo (Oslo, Norway)
5th April 07 La Fleche D'or (Paris, France)
30th March 07 de Vinger (Haag, Netherlands)
29th March 07 Depo (Riga, Latvia)
24th March 07 Bom kræsj bang Fest (Halden, Norway)

14th Oct 06
Cafe Fiasco (Oslo, Norway) Rocktober!
8th Sep 06 Maiden (Oslo, Norway) APM and Mohammed
26th Aug 06 Middelalderparken
(Oslo, Norway) Wedding party for Lise and Alex!
5th Aug 06 Audunbakken Festivalen (Odalen, Norway)

29th July 06 Balls of Chaos (Bucks, UK) APM & The Mobsters UK Tour
28th July 06 The Spice (London, UK) APM & The Mobsters UK Tour
27th July 06 Glambition/HQ Bar (Birmingham, UK) APM, The Mobsters and The High Society
24th July 06 5 Lamps/Ponce4Music (Derby, UK) APM & The Mobsters UK Tour
23rd July 06 Hark to Towler (Bury, UK) APM & The Mobsters UK Tour
22nd July 06 Spotted Dog (Birmingham, UK) APM & The Mobsters UK Tour
21st Juli 06 Jailhouse (Coventry, UK)
24th June 06 Spasibar (Oslo, Norway)
3rd June 06 Musikkfest Oslo (Oslo, Norway)
19th May 06 Mir (Oslo, Norway) APM & The Mobsters (UK)
14th May 06 Østsida (Kristiansand, Norway) KRS Indiefestival
13th May 06 Feelgood (Halden, Norway) APM, The Mobsters (UK) & Psycho Candy
12th May 06 Rivals (Tønsberg, Norway) APM & The Mobsters (UK)
24th Feb 06 Verkstedet (Oslo, Norway) Releaseparty for Bring in the roller of big Cigars
11th Feb 06 Spasibar/By;alarm
(Oslo, Norway)
2nd Feb 06 Rock In (Oslo, Norway) APM & Spiker

25th Nov 05 Gamla (Oslo, Norway) Krampoteque celebrated 5 years
18th Nov 05 Blinderen (Oslo, Norway) Radio Novas radiocafe
27th Oct 05 12 Bar Club (London, UK)

24th Oct 05 Bar vida/Ponce4Music (Derby, UK) Fulusia End and APM
22nd Oct 05 Jailhouse (Coventry, UK) The Vincent Razorbacks, The Mobsters, Superreal and APM
21st Oct 05 Hark to Towler (Bury, UK)

7th Oct 05 Crowbar (Oslo, Norway) Rocktober
7th Sep 05 Cacadue (Oslo, Norway)
2nd Sep 05 Mir
(Oslo, Norway) APM and Panzerwagen
26th Aug 05 Indigo
(Oslo, Norway) APM, Calor and Gate Crashers
1st July 05 Indigo
(Oslo, Norway) APM and Macho Savant
4th June 05 Musikkfest Oslo
(Oslo, Norway)
27th May 05 Spasibar (Oslo, Norway)
Ovary Action's DIY convention
15th April  05 Feelgood
(Halden, Morway)
APM and Girl From Saskatoon
28th March 05 Mir
(Oslo, Norway)
APM and Girl From Saskatoon
24th March 05
(Riga, Latvia) APM and Girl From Saskatoon
23rd March 05 Rock & Roll (Tartu, Estonia) APM and Girl From Saskatoon
19th March 05 Kuku Klubb (Tallinn, Estonia) Rakett!

25th Sep 04 Barrikaden (Oslo, Norway) Dr. Fong and APM
11th Sep 04 St. Croix (Fredrikstad,  Norway) APM, Motormark and X Lover
9th Sep 04 Mir
(Oslo, Norway) APM and Motormark
2nd Sep 04 Elm Street (Oslo, Norway) APM, Girl From Saskatoon ant the Åsmunds
23rd Aug 04 SKA
(Oslo, Norway)
Rock against Bush!
7th Aug 04 Audunbakken
(Odalen, Norway)

29th July 04 Depo
(Riga, Latvia)

19th May 04 Fabrikken
(Oslo, Norway)
Pipshow 6
16th May 04 Rockefeller (Oslo, Noreay)
Valentourettes, Camaros and APM
13th May Mir
(Oslo, Norway)
Release of Supernormal devil Happenings
20th April 04 Paragrafen (Oslo, Norway)
Seid and APM
8th April 04 Depo
(Riga, Latvia) R.A.P. and APM
4th April 04 Von Krahli Baar (Tallinn, Estonia) Rakett

11th Nov 03 Paragrafen (Oslo, Norway)
APM and Braggs
26th Sep 03 Rakett
(Bergen, Norway)

16th Aug 03 Eat The Rich (Trondheim, Norway)
9th Aug 03 Øyafestivalen (Oslo, Norway)

28th June 03 Pigalle
(Oslo, Norway)
APM and Clay
26th June 03 NYX
(Oslo, Norway) APM and Pan Am
13th June 03 Skuret
(Oslo, Norway) Bandkind release party for Look away Kids
10th May 03 Lt. Creutz (Kongsvinger, Norway) APM and Girl From Saskatoon
21st April 03 Mir
(Oslo, Norway)
APM, Spiker & SS Bondevik.
11th April 03 Prøverøret
(Oslo, Norway) APM and Bandkind
28th March 03 Månefisken
(Oslo, Norway)
Club Verdensrommet
20th March 03 SKA
(Oslo, Norway)
APM and Pan Am
9th March 03 Månefisken
(Oslo, Norway)
APM, Cowsky and Girl From Saskatoon
5th Feb 03 Paragrafen (Oslo, Norway)
Apm and Oddpopp

6th Dec 02 Blue Monk (Oslo, Norway) Apm and Far Out Fishing
7th Dec 02 Blue Monk (Oslo, Norway) Apm and Far Out Fishing
17th Nov 02 Mir
(Oslo, Norway)
Eks Kone Festivalen
18th Oct 02 SKA
(Oslo, Norway) APM, Girl From Sasktoon and Dick Woodcock
14th Oct. 02 Mir
(Oslo, Norway) Debut concert together with Girl From Saskatoon.